4 megapixels WiFi Wireless Security camera package CCTV Video system
4 megapixels WiFi Wireless Security camera package CCTV Video system
4 megapixels WiFi Wireless Security camera package CCTV Video system
4 megapixels WiFi Wireless Security camera package CCTV Video system

Wireless security camera package


Easy to install
4 megapixels Night-vision, OUTDOOR, wireless x 4
Wifi wireless system (the most secure method available)
Video surveillance system CCTV

+ Video Tutorial (if you want to install it yourself)

+ Full package security system

We can install it for you. Check WIFI Pack Installation



Features in a glance


You’re able to install a security system easily by yourself with the aid of great Video tutorial guides step by step, how to save on Installation fees in an hour.

4 megapixels WiFi Wireless Security camera package CCTV Video system is your solution to save time and money. You can increase your level of security in a short time

4 megapixels resolution means homesecured
4 megapixels resolution means homesecured

Quad HD resolution:

your assets remain safe as a higher resolution result in identifying everyone in the wide range such as license plate and human faces in detail (when you zoom in, dig in more)

Just note that iPhone6 video recording resolution is Full-HD (1920x1080P) and our camera is Quad HD (2560x1440p).

here is a sample of footage, please watch it in 1440p(2K) to see the best of it.


feature no cabling wireless free homesecured

Wireless cameras:

you will find it even easier to setup because of up to 100 meters* Wireless range eventuates more reliability, let alone fast and easy installation (awesome, no cabling required)

features easy install short time homesecured

Real DIY:

do it yourself in a really short time. all you need to do is plug the charger of the camera into a plug.

features video tutorial DVD homesecured

Video tutorial:

Step by Step video tutorial shows how you can install a professional surveillance system in an hour or less. A visual guide which lets you see everything, operate the whole system and get it done by yourself to save more money

A lot more…

installation steps 3 years warrantyThree years warranty in Australia 

2 years warranty by homesecuredInternal wireless Router: The Wireless NVR has its own wireless router so no need to use your network to connect to cameras and reduce your internet connection speed

Storage:  A 2000 GIGA Bytes Hard Disk Drive Pre-installed lets you review footage for up to 45 days

feature mobile app homesecuredExclusive Mobile App: You are able to watch live and recorded footage of cameras anywhere you have internet Free for ever

Plug & Play: you have everything ready to install, just power in and switch on, that’s it. All of these components connect automatically. (Already matched and paired together, beforehand)

Easiest connection: We make sure all you need to do is drill walls (only a few) and switch on the system.

Technical support: Remember, in every step if you feel you can’t do it yourself, we get you covered, just give us a call. No waiting in line for service

All-in Accessories: you almost get everything you need to install and run as it has everything inside but the drill and ladder

Two years warranty in Australia 

New technologies: H.265 compression is new way of decoding in order to save video for longer period of time.

Complete Review

what is in the Package ?

CCTV package east installation DIY

package-interior-(2) homesecuredCCTV package contains:

A package of CCTV (security video surveillance system) containing all you needs to get a home or business under video surveillance:

  • 4 X wireless , night vision Cameras 4 Mega Pixel resolution
  • A Wireless (and wired) NVR to receive the cameras’ picture and store them to review them later
  • A Video tutorial DVD (learn how to install it in 1 hour or less)
  • A Flash USB 8 GB to backup
  • A Hard Disk Drive to save the footage (2000 Giga Byte already installed inside NVR)
  • A wireless Mouse
  • A wired mouse
  • A HDMI cable(2 meters) to connect to your monitor or HD TV
  • A Cat6 LAN cable to connect to your router or modem (in order to connect to the internet)
  • 5 X AC to DC adapters ( 1 for NVR and 4 for cameras)
  • All needed Software
  • A USB cable extender
  • Allen keys for setting the cameras
  • Screws and wall mounts

Video tutorial

features video tutorial video homesecuredVideo tutorial:

You master a skill along with saving time & money

This is the most valuable part of this package. The learning guide comes with many years of production and experience. This is going to let you save money, but you are going to learn very useful tricks and techniques coming from experts. You can master it and troubleshoot.

You will be able to get the most out of the system you purchased which is excellent. And it is not only about the system. It is about making life safer

In this tutorial you are going to see:

  • Security tips you should know
  • How to install cameras
  • How to run NVR
  • How to connect NVR to the internet in order to use mobile app and view footage over the network
  • How to operate NVR
  • How to work with mobile App
  • How to solve issues and troubleshooting
  • How to get the most benefits and run it smoothly


Homesecured CCTV WiFi package designed perfectHomesecured CCTV WiFi package designed perfectDesign:

It is an attractive design but you may hide it somewhere for security reasons!

A well-designed product which can be fitted anywhere.

This allows others to be aware of the presence of a security system which improves your level of safety.

A static white color of cameras is the reason it remains clean for much longer

Besides it can be seen in every situation outside which is vital in security matters, not big to outfit and not small to not be seen.

It’s a typically shaped device, but delivers the message to intruders that this is a security instrument, not a toy.

The plastic sunshade placed on the top and the huge metal screw over it may not a great match but the purpose of the sunshade is to protect the lens against the sunlight at particular times of the day or during rain order to have a clear vision.

NVR is a square shape design, in white color and with a nice look along with beside good plastic material make it lighter. It gives the impression that is not well protected but tests have shown sturdy construction (heat and fall).

Two 6 Db. Antennas give the professional look, but remember to always keep them upward for best performance.

All the jacks, USBs, LAN, VGA and HDMI ports are located on the backside of the case. All work well as a compact system, except when you want to plug in a USB flash memory to back up some footage. It is a deficiency in design, but the problem is solved by a little cable extender put in the package.

To conclude, the design apart from the two mentioned issues, is very well made using good quality materials made to specification.

Camera Specification


You are able to see every detail because of the highest resolution

More details in the picture are viewed because of using an OV4689 image sensor that enables the camera to capture videos with 4 Mega Pixel resolution (2688X1520) which is one of the highest resolutions available on the market.

The night vision mode is up to 25 meters but effectively works better in 7 or 8 meters which is really good. That is because of the IR-Cut and CDS systems working together and using 20PCS of tiny Infrared LEDs (14µ) which are invisible. The footage will be turned into black and white in order to capture the most light in the viewing area to see the best vision at night (or dark places).

A semi-wide onboard lens enables the camera to identify some distant items as well as it covers an almost 68-degree angle of view, something right in the middle.

Objects that are located between 2 and 9 meters (called identifying area) get the most focused points because of the 6mm fixed lens on the board.

The best part of the camera is here; this is why everyone can do the installation, well, not everyone, but most can. Because no cabling is required. Thanks to 100 meters wireless (without any obstacle) and up to 35 (meters with a brick wall in between).

But what if the wireless range is out? Here comes the tricky part. One of the differences to other competitors is the “Network wire compatibility” of the cameras. In cases when you need to go more than the range the wireless allows, you can use a network cable. You can cable as many as you need for cameras (i.e. 2 cameras on wireless and 2 on wire or every other combination)

More quality – less storage space; this is due to the new technology H.265 Compression, this new progress works well so you have more days saved on your storage.

The metal housing protects the device from heat radiation or damage. Also, it is completely weather proof as you can use it in every weather condition within Australia.

NVR specification


Backup videos while it is recording, yes! It is a powerful multi-task machine that can do all jobs together and remains simple to work with

The heart of system integrates everything from managing the cameras and network to saving the footage.

To provide the best image quality and run smoothly, the processor of the system is chosen carefully, a powerful quad-core ARM Cortex A7 Processor (simply 4 CPU in one) that lets a 4 Channel input in 4 Mega Pixels high resolution work excellent with operating other important jobs and duties.

All sorts of jobs you need from playback of the footage or changing the colour of the camera (to have a clearer view) is done while capturing and saving takes place as the main duty of NVR.

You can do “Poll” to see every camera’s image in an order for a specific number of seconds which lets you have a full sized real time image or view them all together.

You won’t fall behind if you have an old monitor.Both old and new TVs work fine as you have HDMI and VGA (RGB) on the back of NVR.

It is possible to view much longer; apart from the new method of compression (used in this NVR) you can select the option that the NVR records videos only if any movement happens in front of cameras (called motion detection) . So, less space on the Hard drive is needed and when the capacity of storage fills up, it starts to remove the oldest date (hour) you don’t need any more.

If you need to name cameras it is possible to personalize the names to whatever you like.

Not one but two 6db antennas on NVR let you put the NVR over the counter or TV unit, but do not hide the antenna as the signals may drop. If you need to hide the NVR somewhere we got your back. Just inform us to change the antenna with the one with cable to replace the old antenna so the antenna can be placed in a proper position to receive the best signal.

Saving the footage in the long term a 2TB hard is installed inside NVR. If it continuously records, all the videos can record 20 days (which is a miracle with this level of image quality, thanks to h.265 compression tech.), but if you still need more, as you are in charge, you can turn on the motion detection on NVR by this function and you can record for much longer because if only a movement happens in front of camera, it is captured. Also, you can specify the hours of recording or how many camera functions, while other cameras work without these functions.

You may want to cover an area not to be recorded. Mask it, you have the option to mask areas on every camera.

You can view the videos or review the recorded ones on your smartphone. Quick and easy setup and run. Just download the app and scan the barcode. Internet connection on both NVR and mobile sides

What if the NVR is stolen? Last but not least; keep up with the cloud technology. You will be able to upload your footage to a cloud. Google drive or Dropbox. It needs the internet connection. It consumes Internet bandwidth but benefits overcome this. Anyway, the choice is yours.

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Royalty and satisfaction of all our customers are all we want and we try hard to earn it.

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