When you order our services and products, and  if you are

  • in Melbourne and

  • your construction site at wiring stage


You will get prompt service and we will do free wiring data (or coaxial) that the system requires (not required) on your construction site.

Labour for running cable is absolutely free, saving significant dollars. The cost of materials that are used on the project, installing the cameras and making sure everything is working will depend on the size of your project but we promise a competitive price.

But offer hasn’t finished yet, we make a visual map-report ready for you to propose to your customers or for your records (on your current AutoCAD map)

Get 1 Year extra warranty (2+1 Years) for the system and 2+1 years for cabling itself, only if we install the instruments and do the cabling.

Terms and conditions apply

LAN cabling for free on construction site offer

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networking is everything home secured

The network is everything.

Being a civil engineer dragged me deep in feeling with the construction site. Don’t get me wrong. I have a passion for my business with 8 years of experience as well. and now presenting this offer let me involve more with construction. Besides, it benefits everyone financially too. Making friends, well, partnerships at least gives me the energy to continue by getting more known among builders, construction companies and related business.

The real benefits here

-You are the winner, apart from investing less, as your customer, due to good service, will be happier at the end and it helps you to grow your business much faster.

Our services come with the offer on every single project:

  • Your Time schedule is ours. We never make promises we can’t deliver
  • Your assets will be protected. Many years of experience on construction sites enable us to deal with all aspects of the job
  • Speed is great but accuracy is everything
  • We make sure about the rules as we work with S009 standards
  • NCC (building codes) are known and respected
  • Following your WBS in any project management software you use
  • We have security advisor services for you or anyone you prefer


*we reserve the right to modify or cancel the offer anytime

Warranty 3 years homesecured

What to do?

to use the offer

contact us home secured homesecured

You want to use the offer, all you need to do is contact us and ask for free cabling offer


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by emailing or calling us, we will be at your place and talk about every aspect you want to know of your projects.