How to make your house less attractive to thieves?

Imagine you are a thief and want to break into a house. Your probable questions are:

  • Why Am I going there?
  • What Am I looking for?
  • Where Am I going to start the search?
  • What hazards and sign I must pay my attention to?

The answer to the last question is your key to a safer house, but you need to know all answers before you go into a place to steal.

Why are you going to a place?

Because you need to earn and this is your job, you are good at your job and you are a professional. You are aware of places looks fancy might have more valuable things inside. However, you are fully aware that such places might have a developed security instruments as well (and it is your job to know if cameras are high quality with high resolution or connected to a network or alarms connected to phone system).
Maybe you are a young teenager and want to go in and take something for its exciting feeling but you know if you get arrested what will happen to you. Or maybe a junkie who is looking for some money for buying next round …
Each one of these guys seems to be aware of their punishment but they still continue what they are doing.

Where are you going to search?

Inside or outside of the house or shop or office usually find valuable things. (what can you find in my parking with the door left open only because it is located on the back of the house or I assume my neighborhood is safe, or outside of my shop waiting for THE JOE to come back from lunch and helps me to move the new cartons.

Also be aware of what a thief can see from outside, s/he can see:

  • You just left the house
  • you left the door (parking) open
  • see your brand new laptop or Rolex watch from your window
  • you are alone or you kids are
  • your bins are empty or remain unmoved for 2 days
  • lights are on or off
  • you have a dog
  • you have security camera or alarm system (and if they are good or updated or just a dummy cameras or fake alarm)
  • your car key hanging to the nearest point to the front door
  • your credit card remains unprotected (with contactless, Tap n Go function)

Thieves do these:

Break into the house from front door or windows or back door happens from 10 am to 3 pm. And break into shops while open threatening the owner or destroy the entrance while the shop is closed at nights.

Using the “quick enter and exit” plan needs only 8 to 12 minutes to search every possible place but they usually find what they want in 2-3 minutes, well, they don’t spend the whole afternoon at the place.

First places to look in houses:

  • the nearest table to the front door
  • closets (in bedrooms)
  • freezers
  • drawers
  • safe boxes


They look for:

  • laptops and computers (Maybe LED TVs)
  • spare keys (house and cars) to come back again
  • jewelry, watches, and cash
  • in parking or garage: toolbox or other easy to sell items


Privacy is not only to protect your photos on Facebook, it is also a way for your please don’t post that you are away for a while.

What should I do to keep the house safe:

  • Lock the doors: do not leave the doors unlocked while you are away.
  • Start to know your neighbor: while you are not there they can watch any suspicious movements; you can do the same.
  • Keep valuables away: your cash, jewelry and not regularly using items are safer to stay outside the house in private safe boxes or bank safes. If you need your valuable items near, keep those in unexpected places.
  • Don’t keep the keys outside under pot or buried.
  • Use security systems, CCTV or alarm systems
  • Use an automatic switch to on/off the lamps while you are not the house if you don’t want to use a proper home automation system.
  • Dogs:
  • Manage someone moves your empty bins or collects your newspaper or letters from mailbox during the holiday.
  • Use exterior motion detection lights
  • Use card holders: to get your contactless credit card safe.
  • Never put a chair, ladder or big boxes outside



To conclude find what the hazards are for thieves? use these followings to immediately improve your safety and security of your house and workplace. They don’t want to be seen or identified so using the followings helps:

  • Presence of neighbors
  • CCTV and alarm systems
  • Dogs in yard
  • Sounds inside the house
  • Locked doors and windows
  • Guarded windows
  • Not empty houses
  • Exterior motion light
  • Use warning stickers (Dogs, video surveillance…)


Always remember in any dangerous situation call 000.

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