How LinkedIn introduces more success to me?

I never took LinkedIn power seriously till I start to earn from it. Not only to find leads and new clients, it also helps me to find colleagues and competitors. Everyone can have a good quality profile with a full description of skills and experience, however, the way I used it I reckon makes a huge difference. I am seeing everyone in person to make a real relationship. I always invite related people to have a short chat to ask their opinion or emphasis our relation benefits usually while we are drinking our coffee near their place and let them pick convenient place and time.

Thinking of a relation, it only defines by a human to human for me. So, I assume that it is the time to make a quality relationship for your success.

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Everyone worth it, don’t lose anyone

So, this can be done by everyone. Start doing it because making real and effective relationships is not easy. I should jump far away from my comfort zone, put time, effort and money. There are lots of secrets in it that I haven’t known yet likewise if I stop trying to learn and experience, I wouldn’t go any further. Today, due to the fast growing environment which we all evolve in, not going forward means you are falling behind.

To make sure that it isn’t going to happen, I’ll do my best to move forward. Also, I try to help my network as much as I can. This helps me to increase my credibility among them as well.

But why? People, whom I have ever helped, always reply with honesty and kindness in addition to show a common interest and that’s all matters in my relationships. However, I have never pretended to help. I really did that from the bottom of my heart, even showing empathy sometimes is enough to build a strong relation.

Now, what to do? Easy. Have fun and go out to find people to share a story and listen to them. It gonna assure your happiness. Also, you can wait for my coffee invitation if you are in my Network.

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