Installation is a vital key

To get everything to work properly for much longer time

 Our installation procedure consists of 6 steps and 2 stages

In the following, you see every one of them

installation steps quote

1- Quote: means observations, see the needs, then listen to what the client wants and feel what our client needs

installation steps estimation

2- Estimation: the budget which is a really important issue may be reduced by an accurate estimation of what the project requires for the best balance between performance and budget. Locating and mapping the best place for putting and installing called analysis takes place after estimation.

installation steps wiring

3- Wiring: depends on what systems client orders can be Coax or Data or power cables, mostly through walls and under the roof and above ceiling or beneath the surface, to remain untouched for security purposes.

installation steps install

4- Install: the cameras and recorder devices are put in their places and fixed.

installation steps test run

5- Test and Run: after testing and running everything will be delivered to the client to use it.

installation steps instruct teach

6- Instruct: teach basics, system capabilities, operating the system and basic warranty terms to every client or operator.

installation steps 3 years warranty

Warranty: From the Installation day all devices, cables and connections are under a 3 years* limited warranty.

*If we install

installation steps proposal preview map

For every business or company: we are able to draw the project map and deliver a  preview proposal for locating the most proper places for cameras. You may use these maps and proposals for introducing the final appearance of the project to your clients. For more information click here.

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