Earn Together

Individuals who want to make more cash


Every individual who wants to earn extra money can introduce people who need security camera system to our services and earn easily.

The amount of payment varies between 4-15 per cent of the total sale price (tax excluded).

If you are a business we have better offers for you here.

The person you introduce can be another individual or a business.

This has the potential of changing your financial circumstances as it is not a time-limited offer and not an amount-limited offer, so no matter of how many you introduced, you can do more in order to get the most out of us.

Everyone wins here, YOU First

Besides all, it is important to know that how many jobs they have for the first year you will be benefited from every single of them. A company with 10 jobs in one year values to introduce.

Every step in your life and every choice you make can improve your life. Step by step these choices make your future and need to make the decisions wisely.

How everyone wins?

You win because you get what you deserve

The person you introduce to us wins because of getting the high-quality services and products plus a decent discount

Our team as we sell more.

this win-win-win marketing plan is designed to benefit everyone.

If you have any question about it please email us or ask your question here.

individuals who want to make more cash

What should I do to earn extra?

There are some simple steps:

1-you can simply request for a marketing code.

2-gave it away to someone who needs the security system.

3-When they use the code (as a coupon to get a discount) we will notify that it is your code.

4-You will be paid directly to your bank account.



To request the code you must be at least 18 years old and have an email address and a bank account to your name and a valid address and mobile phone number.

The decision on each individual case will be processed in 7 business days.

you must read homesecured policy and marketing solution strategy policy and term and condition and by submitting the request you admit to accepting these.

Application form:

Please complete the form below to apply for the opportunity