WIFI package installation

Wifi package Installation


Installation WiFi kit
From $220 to $640

You can order now and we call you to confirm a day
Get your WiFi Package first then order the installation service


We install your WiFi Package at your place with a reasonable price

Depending on what sort of equipment needs to be used, the price varies from $220 to $640 in Melbourne. please be aware WiFi security camera package installation service comes with WiFi package that we provide here.

It is a one-day, quick job.

Adds 1 year extra to current warranty period.
Adds 1-year warranty for wiring.

package wifi installation step 1

Installation steps:

1- Locate the NVR and mount the cameras
2- Run the system
3- Teach the basics


Order the installation service

1- You need to be in Melbourne.
2- You need to purchase the WiFi Package first.
3- Leave a note that you want to get it installed by us
You may get the WiFi Package first and then inform us of your wish.



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